Working with women to create Vintage Boudoir-style portraits is a natural for me. The soft tones of black and white imagery work beautifully with lace, silk and shear fabric, a reclining sofa, antique dressing screen and natural light. Scroll below the gallery images for testimonials from my clients. Email for more information or to book a portrait sitting.

from my clients

Patricia Scialo has photographed me at very pivotal points in my life: my wedding, my pregnancy and recently at age 46, Boudoir-style. I went into the studio feeling reluctant and self conscious and left feeling sexy and empowered. I highly recommend visiting her studio to see what Patti can do for you. It's a wonderful experience. – J.W.
Patti was extremely easy to work with! I felt comfortable right away – she offered tasteful suggestions for poses and points for relaxing. Seeing the work in her studio made me confident in her artistry and experience. Patti captured this moment in my life and gave me these unique elegant portraits that I will have forever. – C.A.
I am so thrilled I took a chance on myself and did Boudoir photographs with Patti. I was hesitant at first but had no reservations once I stepped into her studio; she made me feel so comfortable and beautiful. – B.V.

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